August 6, 2003

Vendor Merging Work

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Vendor merging in CVS is fun, lemme tell ya.

Trying to do it with MacCVS Pro is a bit more fun. Trying to map command-line switches to the MacCVS Pro GUI.

Normally I really like MacCVS Pro, but I sometimes wish it would show me the switches it is going to pass to the server.

However, after I did important stuff like running my prepare4cvsimport script (making sure no binary files get into the repository), and (so I really have a log of what changed), we should have a relatively stable snapshot of code from our vendors cvs tree.

I’m really glad I have all these custom little cvs helper scripts… it would really be a pain to do this without them. A lot more garbage files would get into the repository, this much I know.

I am glad I’m doing this work on the same network as the repository though – doing it from home, I assume, would be much slower.

Lets have a cheer for yummy CVS conflicts too…

August 2, 2003

Most Refactoring Done, Settings Summary Work

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Most of the refactoring (properties are now in DocumentModel instead of Document.. thank you AppleScriptStudio for not loading a seperate instance of Document for each document) is done.

I just need to link in the Schedule tab (something I hadn’t done at all), and the Save tab (although that should be mostly done).

Started on the Settings Summary field… I’m hoping this isn’t really slow. I’ve pulled some AppleScript tricks that (I hope) will make things faster (appending every line to a list, then transforming that list into a string later).. but string twisting is not AppleScript’s forte.

Almost, Last Changes Monday Afternoon

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I hope to send Monday afternoon putting the final touches on stuff. The new pictures, making sure the internal parts of the site are all locked up, and the external parts are All Ready To Go.

One last push, and it should be done.

Dual-Machine Success, R & D Next Week

Filed under: VonTrapp — Ryan Wilcox @ 2:33 am

Got a complete dev enviroment up and running on the xserve.

Interesting story follows…

Testing Some Entries

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Don’t mind us,we’re Testing!

First Post

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This is the first post to the Wilcox Development Project Blog.

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