November 21, 2003


Filed under: ResearchAndDevelopment — Ryan Wilcox @ 5:46 pm

I tried out PyObj-C last night. PyObjC is a language binding/module that lets you use Python with Cocoa – somewhat like how AppleScript Studio lets you use AppleScript to write your Cocoa program.

Except PyObjC makes AppleScript Studio look like Apple took the worst bits of VisualBasic, layed a verbose language on top of it, and called it good.

November 11, 2003

Time With Xcode

Filed under: General Information — Ryan Wilcox @ 5:26 pm

I spent an afternoon with Xcode today. For most of the afternoon I didn’t like it at all, but then I discovered a trick or two to make it work like Apple’s old development enviroment, Project Builder (or, for that matter, CodeWarrior)

November 7, 2003

A Week’s Work

Filed under: VonTrapp — Ryan Wilcox @ 4:14 pm

I worked all week on VonTrapp stuff. It kinda felt good.

One of my responsibilities is working on rewriting the menu code. This week I got the menus looking much better than they did last week, and also took care of two issues.

The two issues were the Apple menu (under OS 9) (aka: the Application menu (under OS X)), and the Font menu. However, since we’re using a cross-platform framework, platform specific features (such as these) tend to be, well, not included.