August 23, 2004

Working with CoreFoundation…

Filed under: General Information — Ryan Wilcox @ 3:52 pm

You know you’ve been working with CoreFoundation too long when you start naming functions ReallyLongNamesThatDescribesExactlyWhatAFunctionDoes(), as opposed to names like DoThatThing().

Which is what Core Foundation does, but it’s still somewhat annoying.

Or it could be that I’m doing Insanely Complex Things, and if I don’t name my functions this way I’ll drive myself nuts. Take your pick

August 11, 2004


Filed under: Daedulus — Ryan Wilcox @ 9:32 am

Yesterday and today I am working on getting wxCURL working on Mac OS X in general, as well as getting multi-form posting working in a small sample (using the Wilcox Development Solutions File Upload Page as a test CGI.)

Made good progress yesterday, submitted a patch to the wxCURL people, now have to consolidate my changes and send a patch to the libcurl people, then defend my patch on the mailing list. I should get to that in the next few days.

Things look promising codewise, although I really don’t want to update the 3 different kinds of Makefiles/project files we have for the Daedulus project…