October 20, 2004

Dragging and Dropping with NSTableViews and PyObjC

Filed under: ResearchAndDevelopment — Ryan Wilcox @ 11:06 am

While working on a project for one of our clients, we realized that we needed to create a Cocoa application that uses a NSTableView to display a list of files and the order in which our application should process them.

In this entry I hope to guide you through some of the oddities I encountered while working on this application, while also providing an example program demonstrating table views and drag and drop using PyObjC.


Balancing Blocks of Python with BBEdit

Filed under: ResearchAndDevelopment — Ryan Wilcox @ 12:40 am

All of the Python (and, increasingly, all my other programming) happens in Barebone’s wonderful BBEdit text editor.

For Brace and Semi-colon based languages (take the C family of languages for example), BBEdit’s Balance command will select the entire code block that contains your insertion point. For languages without curly braces, however (like Python) the Balance command will not work. So I wrote a script. More detail in the extended entry…

October 18, 2004

Windows – spend 2 hours, get nothing done

Filed under: General Information — Ryan Wilcox @ 4:26 pm

Today I decided to work on getting wxCurl working on DevCPP. Since the Windows box gets very little attention, I decided to have it run Windows Update first.

Bad idea. While Microsoft says that I can continue to work while Windows Update is doing its thing, they lie. (Or, at least, lie given my machine, which admittedly is a so glad OS X’s Software Update application is relatively painless….

Oh, with any luck I’ll get back on the blogging horse. I’ve been heads-down on one project for the last month or two now, but some of that pressure is off.