April 27, 2005


Filed under: General Information — Ryan Wilcox @ 11:26 am

Yesterday an app of my shipped. Today it showed up on VersionTracker. It’s a great feeling.

Helix Maintenance Manager (HMM) is finally out the door. We wrote this app for QSA Toolworks, LLC, and it’s finally out the door. All wrapped up, small details fixed, last minute bugs squashed, and things renamed at the last minute. To top that all off, we’ve started the list for Features For The Next Version.

Now for a look into the development of this app, and why this app is so important for those of you using a Helix database

April 8, 2005

AppleScript XML-RPC Bug (and workaround!) Found

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Today I found a fun bug in AppleScript‘s XML-RPC client support.

Read on to find out what I discovered when you try to handle errors from an XML-RPC script. I also present a workaround, which is both obvious and not obvious.