May 27, 2005

PDB Quick Reference Card

Filed under: ResearchAndDevelopment — Ryan Wilcox @ 11:50 am

I find myself using the Python Debugger (PDB) more and more, but I couldn’t find a quick reference “card” for it… so I made one for myself. This lists the commands I use most often, including shortcuts and examples for each command.

Get the original (AppleWorks document)

Get the PDF (letter, landscape orientation)

(When prompted for a username and password, enter ‘anon’ as the username, and leave the password blank. The certificate is self-signed.)

Released under the Creative Commons 2.0 (Attribution) License

Suggestions welcome.

May 19, 2005

Learning Cocoa Bindings With PyObjC

Filed under: ResearchAndDevelopment — Ryan Wilcox @ 12:04 am

Mac OS X’s Cocoa frameworks provide a functionality called Cocoa Bindings, a way to eliminate code that simply connects your model object to your view object. Today, faced with writing the type of code Cocoa Bindings was invented to avoid, I decided to learn how to use this technology with PyObjC, and wrote about How It Works here…