January 27, 2006

HowTo: Get Out The Icon Files In A Subversion Repo

Filed under: ResearchAndDevelopment — Ryan Wilcox @ 11:08 pm

I got bit by it: I loaded a Icon\r file into my subversion repository accidentally and blew it up (just like Andrew Pontious).

However, Andrew doesn’t actually tell you how to fix the problem, beyond some vague mutterings about svndumpfilter. I’m going to show you how.


January 24, 2006

Universal, 10.3 and up Applescript Studio application

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Today I worked on making Helix Maintenance Manager, a universal binary. HMM is an AppleScript Studio application which needs to target Mac OS X 10.3 as well as Mac OS X 10.4. Since the steps to create an application under these exact situations seem to be helter-skelter, I’m combining them here, for a simple one, two, three checklist.

Something to note is that this app has a few Objective-C/Cocoa routines along with the AppleScript. Some of these steps might be irrelevant for ASK applications that have only AppleScript in them. On the other hand, I’m betting a great number of ASK applications include a few Objective-C/Cocoa routines anyway. I also started with an XCode “native” target, so if you are upgrading from say ProjectBuilder, you’ll need to Upgrade your Target to Native.

Targeting versions of Mac OS X earlier than 10.3.9 with your PPC builds is an easy thing, but you’ll need to use a different compiler (gcc 3.3 or lower) for your PPC builds, while using GCC 4 for your Intel builds. 10.3.9 is compatible with GCC 4.0, so if you’re only targeting that version, you can get away with the same compiler for both architectures. This article won’t touch on how to do that, but the Cross Development article from Apple’s Developer Website does mention this setting.