August 21, 2007

Google CTemplate Integration (Check!)

Filed under: Distribute — Ryan Wilcox @ 5:39 pm

Today I tried out Google CTemplate, as I said I would. In addition to what I liked about the template language, it has tools to check your templates and generate C constants for the template elements (aka: the things to replace in the template). Meaning (if you use those constants) you can change the name of things in your template and your C++ code will complain, catching the errors at compile time instead of runtime.

I’ve integrated these tools into the build script so we have this safety from the get go.

I also have very comprehensive instructions for building the project, between gathering up all the tools to build on my functional machine, and fighting through all the build/linker errors I’ve been faced with.

So today my research app builds again. It’s a good day (and about time).

Back to full capacity

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For the last 2 weeks I’ve been down to only one machine, from my usual two development machines. Mishap with the power connector when replacing the hard drive in my iBook. Thanks to the good folks at DT&T Computer Services (who fixed, vs replaced, my motherboard), my machine is back up and running. Service from them was great (although they were having email sending issues so I had to call them to get my RMA number, and it seems like you have to send them an email to check the status of your machine).

I develop different projects on different machines, so when one machine goes down I have to set up the project on the other machine. Sometimes this is easy… sometimes not. One project quickly moved over (aside from some productivity hits), one project moved over except for talking to some hardware (which I just didn’t bother to set up), and one project I couldn’t compile the support libraries for ( first wxWidgets compile/link oddities, then wxWebKit link errors. Big C++ libraries are quite a pain sometimes).

The iBook is back up and running, so progress can move forward at a slightly faster (and portable!) pace once again.

On the machine front, yesterday I spent a good chunk of time updating my Debian server to the latest of everything. That did mean the blogs and the wiki were flaky yesterday, but they’re back to normal today.