February 18, 2009

Product Launch: Experienced Man’s Guide to Cross-Platform Programming with wxWidgets

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Today I’m proud to announce a product launch: Experienced Man’s Guide To Cross-Platform Programming with wxWidgets.

When I buy a computer book I write notes in it. Sometimes these notes are back and forward references, sometimes I found a bug in something and I write the solution down, sometimes something behaves one way one place and another way another. Maybe time passes, things change, but the book has (now) outdated information.

So I write notes in the margin. When there isn’t any room in the margin I take out half a piece of paper and write my notes there.

Over the course of a few years my books become pretty note-ridden, especially if I was using the book every day.

I bought Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets about 3 years ago, and during those 3 years I’ve been using wxWidgets almost non-stop stop clients. I have a lot of notes in this book.

So I copied all my notes from my book and put them in a handy dandy PDF, which I’m now selling as a DRM free PDF.

Since this is a PDF, and not a traditional printed book, I’m selling it like software: Version 1.0 is out today, but there will be upgrades and fixes and revision level releases so on and so forth. If you have knowledge to add, or ideas or comments, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do to make you happy.

So please support this product, and my effort to keep the wxWidgets book up to date, relevant and useful!

February 8, 2009

Installation Hints for ReviewBoard on Debian PPC (Sarge)

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So, after trying to install ReviewBoard on a virtual machine (and failing), I decided to install it on my real server, a machine running Debian PPC (sarge).

Eventually I got it up and running, but here are my notes:

I decided to run it off fastcgi (asking apt-get to install lighttpd pulled in tons of other software I didn’t want… and I didn’t want to screw around with setting up mod_python – although in retrospect maybe that was silly). You need to apt-get libapache2-mod-fastcgi. EXCEPT this doesn’t work by default: you need to set your /etc/apt/sources.list file to download “non-free” software too. So you lines will look something like deb http://debian.lcs.mit.edu/debian/ testing main non-free. What makes this confusing is that there is libapache2-mod-fastcgid, which is a different implementation of the fastcgi protocol… but not what you want at all. Anyway there’s more yack about sources.list here.

Also, if you’re having Apache2 listen on an oddball port for requests to your ReviewBoard, make sure your firewall lets those ports through :).

Make sure to uncomment the line in apache2.conf that Includes the files in sites-enabled!

I thought Everburning: Fighting Review Board was going to be helpful, but turns out it mostly works out of the box (without the stuff he does).

You might have to fiddle with settings_local.py’s FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME, and what the rewrite rule in the Review Board generated Apache2 config file says, to make them agree. This will be pretty obvious when the front review board page is ugly (because the CSS didn’t load), OR you’ll get an error about URLconf defined in djblets.util.rooturl, Django tried these. URL patterns...

I think that’s it. I’m pretty sure I easy_install ReviewBoard to get it installed, but I think there might be an apt-get package for it too.

So it wasn’t a bad experience, just one I was hoping to avoid with a virtual machine for it.. oh well I guess. Hope this helps someone else.

February 5, 2009

Running ReviewBoard Virtual Machine by rPath/rBuilder

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Today I got distracted by Review Board, a tool to help companies do code reviews. Because I was too lazy to deal with the dependancies I decided to look for a virtual machine for Review Board, all configured for me.

This was probably a stupid idea in retrospect.

I found a virtual image provided by rPath/rBuilder with (come to find out) no documentation. None at all. Which is annoying because to set up Review Board you need a “superuser” for the web app.

So, in order to set up Review Board on this box you need to do these things:

  1. Log into the machine. root with no password will log you into the shell
  2. rm /srv/reviewboard/data/reviewboard.sqlite
  3. /srv/reviewboard/manage.py syncdb. It’ll ask you if you want to create a superuser. Say yes.
  4. chmod 777 /srv/reviewboard/data/reviewboard.sqlite

Yes, the chmod 777 is a security risk. However, if you were to actually deploy this you’d want to use MySQL or something like that.

The settings files are in the /srv/reviewboard/ directory.

Also: the virtual machine hosts Review Board on port 80.

What is neat about the rPath/rBuilder virtual appliance is that they offer an EC2 virtual machine with Review Board too…

Hope this saves someone some time…

Update: And, having done all that, the machine doesn’t have PySVN on it, nor developer tools (gcc, easy_install) to bootstrap it myself. Arg.