March 31, 2005

So Close, So Far

Filed under: CallHelix — Ryan Wilcox @ 12:42 am

The last few days I’ve been working on the CallHelix Webservices… well, server. I said to myself that I would work half the week on this, and half the week on other projects.

That still might be true, but it’s going to be a toss-up….

March 29, 2005

CallHelix Webservices Progress

Filed under: CallHelix — Ryan Wilcox @ 1:09 am

Tonight I did a massive push to get support for my CallHelix Webservices application on OS X.

Finally got it building and working in that environment… but when I was about two hours into the thing I realized I had wiped out all my OS 9 work. There is something to a simple, plain text project file format – I could just recreate the file in a text editor (thanks to SVN history). Sadly, it’s a Codewarrior project file – a binary. I’ll have to redo my work… luckily it shouldn’t be all that hard to create the second time.