August 18, 2003


Filed under: Carpel — Ryan Wilcox @ 5:12 pm

Apache is a great webserver… but it doesn’t seem to report errors when you use .htaccess directives. At least for me it doesn’t.

I was closing some holes, so the site can go into production, including password protecting sensitive areas of the site. Could not get the password box to show up. Always 500: Config error.

Eventually I figured out that I needed AuthType Basic in the mix of directives as well. I’m surprised that some of the areas worked for so long without it, but then when I try today it doesn’t.

Oh, and PHP that doesn’t spit back error messages is no fun either. That’s what’s holding up the roll-out right now: getting the internal forums working.


August 2, 2003

Almost, Last Changes Monday Afternoon

Filed under: Carpel — Ryan Wilcox @ 2:42 am

I hope to send Monday afternoon putting the final touches on stuff. The new pictures, making sure the internal parts of the site are all locked up, and the external parts are All Ready To Go.

One last push, and it should be done.