August 11, 2004


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Yesterday and today I am working on getting wxCURL working on Mac OS X in general, as well as getting multi-form posting working in a small sample (using the Wilcox Development Solutions File Upload Page as a test CGI.)

Made good progress yesterday, submitted a patch to the wxCURL people, now have to consolidate my changes and send a patch to the libcurl people, then defend my patch on the mailing list. I should get to that in the next few days.

Things look promising codewise, although I really don’t want to update the 3 different kinds of Makefiles/project files we have for the Daedulus project…

April 15, 2004

The Cross In Cross-Platform

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This week I’ve been working on the outstanding issues for the Daedulus project. One of the smaller issues I finished up yesterday, and now I’m on to one of the bigger issues – taking this application cross-platform.

Since we’re using wxWidgets for this project, most of my code is ready to rock on other platforms – and with my new, production, PC I have a cross-platform environment in which to work.

You see, I installed Fedora Core on the PC, as well as installing all my favorite unix utilities on the Windows partition.

Here then are my thoughts…

February 20, 2004

First (Big) Steps Made

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Since Thursday we’ve been working hard on a new project – a GUI component that also fetches some data from a remote location. Using wxWindows wxWidgets as our foundation, we’ve made really good headway in only a few days.

(More information in the extended entry…)