August 21, 2003

CVS Sucks

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I love how every time I try to do something complicated with CVS it means I have to write another script.

Today I was trying to merge a code update from a vendor into my tree. Now I do this about once a month for the VonTrapp project, but I usually have a few days to do that (it’s a lot of files, and it takes at least 2 afternoons to do all the conflict cleaning, etc). Today was a different task, and well, it’s a smaller code base so I’m happy.

Except CVS decides that, for about 10 files, that the whole file conflicts. That’s just lovely.

So I had to write an Applescript for BBEdit to compare the differences between the repository data and the local sandbox data. I didn’t think it was possible, but I just have this feeling that I’ll look at that code in 6 months and run away crying like a little girl.

Applescript is an english-like language, so I’m not completely sure how that all happened, but it feels unreadable to me.

Because you all want to see it, here’s one of the scarier parts..

tell app "BBEdit"
set localWindow to make new window with properties {name:filename & " (local)"}

set text of localWindow to localText
save localWindow to file localPath without add to recent list
--localWindow will be "text window 1", and window 1 refers to active window
--so must save one before the other. WD-rpw 08-21-03

set repoWindow to make new window with properties {name:filename & " (repository)"}
set text of repoWindow to repoText

save repoWindow to file repoPath without add to recent list
set compareRes to compare alias localPath against alias repoPath

end tell

I could not tell you what scares me about this code. Maybe the verboseness. Or the fact that localWindow’s value is text window 1, meaning that when I create another window and make it frontmost that that window will be text window 1.

Or maybe that I can’t compare text windows, I have to save them to a temp file first.

To top that all off, I’ve got another cvs related script I have to write. It seems like every week I’m writting a new script for it. And while it makes me happy, I wonder if it will ever end…

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