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I've put more effort into tracking the books, videos etc I read in a year. Here they are, excluding books I read for my own pleasure

  • 2022:
    1. Google Cloud Platform In Action (work/book)
    2. Wardley Mapping Book (work/book)
    3. Help your boss help you (work/book)
    4. Gradle Beyond Basics (work/book)
    5. Google Cloud Cert ACE Study Guide (work/book)
    6. Google Certified Network Engineer (work/book)
    7. Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Crash Course (work/workshop)
    8. Remaining Relevant in your tech career (work/book)
    9. Managing your manager (work/workshop)
    10. Art of being Indispensable at Work (work/book)
    11. Pro GKE (work/book)
    12. Gradle Masterclass (work/video)
    13. Managing Kubernetes (work/book)
    14. First 90 Days (work/book)
    15. New Functional Logic Design Patterns (work/paper)
    16. Kotlin for Java Developers (work/video)
    17. Pro Google Cloud Automation (work/book)
    18. Terraform For Beginners using GCP (work/video)
    19. Apache Druid: A Hands On Course (work/video)
    20. Evidence Based Recruiting (work/book)
    21. Practical RESTful Web Services with Java EE JAX-RS (work/video)
    22. Team Topologies (work/book)
    23. Learn Datadog Monitoring (work/video)
    24. Philosophy of Software Design (work/book)
    25. The Experience Economy (work/book)
  • 2023:
    1. AWS Amplify Studio Masterclas (work/video)