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August 26, 2003

I had created most of this entry on Tuesday, and just got around to polish it off. Sadly, Friday is another AppleScript Studio day.. there may be another one of these rants coming out Monday or so.

Or the situation might turn around and be all roses.

But here’s my rant… Have I mentioned how much I hate AppleScript Studio?

I also enjoy the fact that ProjectBuilder has crashed 6 times today.

Things that annoy me about AppleScript in General:

  • Booleans are NOT integers. False is not equal to 0 (or any other number - you simply can not cast them).
  • set myInteger to 1 takes forever to type. English-like syntax is great in theory, but really verbose in practice.

Things that annoy me about Applescript Studio

  • The broken debugger. Using Script Debugger’s debugger kinda worked… sorta. At least it would stop at breakpoints, and try to stop when there was an error.
  • The “an error has occurred” dialog gives no information as to where. Good luck trying to find your error in a big long script. The is possibility for the better… but please give us a way to figure out what line and file an error happened on, so developers can make our own “an error has occurred” dialog boxes