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MovableType Goodness

October 06, 2003

The one thing I like about MovableType is that it’s all webbased. With Radio I have to fire up a local application, and waste about 30% of my CPU on Radio - but I don’t want to sacrifice that power while I’m doing a big operation like compiling (or cvs stuff).

That 30% number probably isn’t correct - but sometimes it feels like it. On a 400Mhz G4 I need all the help I can get, power wise, for some of these things.

If I really want to use a local application to post, theres NetNewsWire. I’ve just proven that it works here.

Oh, yes, and I can post to this blog from any machine on the Internet. Unlike Radio, where I can only post on the machine that has my installation. I can’t even use someone else’s installation - that Just Won’t Work.