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I just want to Work!

October 23, 2003

Starting back on the VonTrapp project after having pretty much left it for a few weeks. Since that time there have been two pretty big checkins by Other People.

So now I have to recompile the codebase. All of it. I would rather be working right now, making actual progress. Instead I’m waiting for a compile to happen. There are also two errors in the compile that I have to track down somehow. I’ll be waiting for a while - the pascal code takes about 15-20 minutes to compile on my machine, and the C++ code probably takes 15 as well.

At least it’s compiling the C++ now. Halfway done, probably.

Counting down the days until I order/get my new G5… I’m pretty sure I’d already be working on me stuff now if I set that baby to compiling this.

I would almost prefer compiling remotely, on the On Load xServe then I would locally. At least that’s fast. A laggy interface, with the whole Remote Desktop/TB2 thing going on, but I can mostly deal.