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Back to the portable

April 27, 2004

Last week I worked entirely on the G5, with my laptop in Firewire Target Disk Mode. This week the G5 is doing other production work, so I’m back to working and building on my laptop. It’s quite a change… First of all, the speed of compilation has been greatly reduced. I thought this was going to be a big issue today (I’m changing headers and things that may force the whole project to recompile), but hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue.

Secondly, screen space. Codewarrior saves all your window settings etc, so suddenly I have this huge Project Window, huge editor windows… and 2 inches less space on my monitor. I like to have lots of windows open at the same time, lots of state, scrap documents open, web browsers - all that stuff. I’m halfway considering buying a USS Powerbook for my next machine just to get the bigger screen. (If I do decide on that for my next Powerbook, I would have to call it Nimitz.)

Even just on my Powerbook, work continues. My original estimate of one to two days this week working on this project seems to still be close - hopefully I can get other projects for other people done this week too.