March 29, 2005

CallHelix Webservices Progress

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Tonight I did a massive push to get support for my CallHelix Webservices application on OS X.

Finally got it building and working in that environment… but when I was about two hours into the thing I realized I had wiped out all my OS 9 work. There is something to a simple, plain text project file format – I could just recreate the file in a text editor (thanks to SVN history). Sadly, it’s a Codewarrior project file – a binary. I’ll have to redo my work… luckily it shouldn’t be all that hard to create the second time.

Besides that, I accomplished three major things:

  1. Linking on OS X. This can be a… painful experience sometimes with Codewarrior 8.3 (they say it’s improved in CW 9, but I don’t have that… holding out for the release that is Tiger compatible)

  2. Accessing a Java member string from C/C++, using the Gabrilovich/Finkelstein C++ JNI integration classes. My earlier attempts just crashed, so I rethought my approach and now it works!

  3. Proved that I could indeed call the Toolbox and access that functionality (DebugStr(), but still…)

Still no real progress on the functionality of this application, but that’s next on the list.

Oh, I will get a RSS feed for this category up in the next few days. Look for it on the sidebar.

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