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Gathering and Researching (or: The Art Of Putting Together an Estimate)

July 20, 2007

In case you haven’t noticed, the work so far in Project Distribute has simply been gathering components: finding a solid HTML control, finding a HTML template system. Part of this gathering is testing and research: making sure that we can do everything with the control that we’ll need to do with the control.

We’ve done that homework for wxWebKit. I haven’t yet finished evaluating Google CTemplate, and as soon as I find more than a few hours at a time to do some testing, that’ll be done as well.

Over the last few nights I’ve been sitting down, thinking about what I know so far, refining the Milestones I gave you before, and putting an estimate on each milestone. This thinking has uncovered some more questions I need to investigate, and more places we need to gather components.

I have one technical question left to resolve before I have a solid estimate for the first Milestone. With that line-item done I can gather up the components needed for the next steps, start learning and evaluating them, and estimate the next steps.

I can’t give you an estimate until I figure out if we can find good components or if we have to create something big from scratch. That’s where the research comes in (and why I’ve been poking hard at wxWebKit: it plays a pretty important part in the puzzle, we have to make sure it’s a good choice)