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Product Launch: Experienced Man's Guide to Cross-Platform Programming with wxWidgets

February 19, 2009

Today I’m proud to announce a product launch: Experienced Man’s Guide To Cross-Platform Programming with wxWidgets.

When I buy a computer book I write notes in it. Sometimes these notes are back and forward references, sometimes I found a bug in something and I write the solution down, sometimes something behaves one way one place and another way another. Maybe time passes, things change, but the book has (now) outdated information.

So I write notes in the margin. When there isn’t any room in the margin I take out half a piece of paper and write my notes there.

Over the course of a few years my books become pretty note-ridden, especially if I was using the book every day.

I bought Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets about 3 years ago, and during those 3 years I’ve been using wxWidgets almost non-stop stop clients. I have a lot of notes in this book.

So I copied all my notes from my book and put them in a handy dandy PDF, which I’m now selling as a DRM free PDF.

Since this is a PDF, and not a traditional printed book, I’m selling it like software: Version 1.0 is out today, but there will be upgrades and fixes and revision level releases so on and so forth. If you have knowledge to add, or ideas or comments, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do to make you happy.

So please support this product, and my effort to keep the wxWidgets book up to date, relevant and useful!