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Announcing Email Form Relay

May 10, 2010

The other week I created Email Form Relay: a Google App Engine app to make it really easy to implement a “Contact Us” style form.

As web developers we find ourselves coding “Contact Us” forms alot. In addition to having the form to write, we also have the backend logic to deal with: gather up the TO information, from, subject, body and send it off.

But that means configuring sendmail email servers, testing the sending capabilities, and making sure you don’t leave yourself open to spammers. Then making sure that email gateway stays up.

But we’ve made that easy: sign up with your Goggle API, register your site. Get an API key, put that in a hidden field, and point your form action to Email Form Relay’s server. On submit, Email Form Relay will do the email sending and redirect the user to a page of your choosing.

And that’s it: you provide the form, we provide the email sending.

So check it out: I hope it speeds up your contact form creating experience!