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Subcontractors Wanted

May 07, 2011

Sometimes I find myself with more work than I can handle, or internal work I want done but can’t do myself.

Today, I decided to fix that problem

I’ve created a subcontractor survey on my website. If you do consulting work (mostly around the web sphere: Ruby on Rails, Django, front end design work using CSS frameworks and Javascript.)

How It Works

When I get a new project in I’ll evaluate if I have to pull in a subcontractor, and then look at my list of subcontractors for possible matches.

If I think your skillset and availability match with the needs of the project, I’ll send you an email asking about your availability. Evaluate carefully if you have time, or if it’s not going to work out, and respond.

If things work out, I’ll collaborate with you to pull together a quote for the project, or for a iteration worth of work.


I want to make sure I serve my existing clients my giving them work done to the best of my ability. I also (right now) have more things I’d like to do than I can actually get done.

Bidding things out on elance.com (or similar sites) piecemeal doesn’t suit me - I want to make sure I have high quality code going out of my company.

I need a list of subcontractors I can trust, thus this list

Why wait?

The survey takes 5 minutes - complete the subcontractor survey!