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Develop For Good with Open Source (Sandy Disaster Recovery)

January 07, 2013

A client of mine contacted me the other week. He lives in NYC, and was hit as part of Hurricane Sandy.

The trouble with all the relief efforts is that it’s hard to know what to do. What is your organization doing to help, and are there things you can do to get involved.

He explains it best:

Over the past several months a few developers and I have created a collaborative work order system for disaster recovery. We are making the project open source, and providing it as a gift to the disaster recovery community, for use in future disasters. The platform implements a “Craigslist” philosophy to recovery efforts-organizations that are aware of work orders enter them into the system, and organizations with capacity to help can claim and perform the work without any centralized organization getting in the way. This should minimize duplication and maximize efficiency.

Interested? He also Created a video

What’s awesome about this project is that it’s open source, on Google Code.

Or read the introductory blog post on the Disaster Recovery Work Order System

If you have some time, and Google App Engine experience, consider jumping in and helping!