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Dual-Machine Success, R & D Next Week

August 02, 2003

Got a complete dev enviroment up and running on the xserve.

Interesting story follows… I had to install CodeWarrior 8.3 on the xServe (MRS: your dev machine has also been updated - you were running 8.0). I installed 8.2, 8.3, and started rebuilding the CodeWarrior libraries on the G4.

Then I went over to the xserve. Installed 8.2, 8.3, rebuilt the libraries. Talked a bit (5 minutes or so). Came back - libraries done. Built product. Done. Problem Solved. Talked for a few more minutes.

Went back over to the G4 - still building the second (of three) libraries. I left it soon after - I hope everything rebuilt right.

Anyway, 8.3 solved the wierd binarys-don’t-build-correctly problem I was having. Early next week I’ll check in the modfications I had to make, as well as trying to tackle the initial issues with dual enviroments.