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Vendor Merging Work

August 06, 2003

Vendor merging in CVS is fun, lemme tell ya.

Trying to do it with MacCVS Pro is a bit more fun. Trying to map command-line switches to the MacCVS Pro GUI.

Normally I really like MacCVS Pro, but I sometimes wish it would show me the switches it is going to pass to the server.

However, after I did important stuff like running my prepare4cvsimport script (making sure no binary files get into the repository), and comparefolders.py (so I really have a log of what changed), we should have a relatively stable snapshot of code from our vendors cvs tree.

I’m really glad I have all these custom little cvs helper scripts… it would really be a pain to do this without them. A lot more garbage files would get into the repository, this much I know.

I am glad I’m doing this work on the same network as the repository though - doing it from home, I assume, would be much slower.

Lets have a cheer for yummy CVS conflicts too…