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A Week's Work

November 07, 2003

I worked all week on VonTrapp stuff. It kinda felt good.

One of my responsibilities is working on rewriting the menu code. This week I got the menus looking much better than they did last week, and also took care of two issues.

The two issues were the Apple menu (under OS 9) (aka: the Application menu (under OS X)), and the Font menu. However, since we’re using a cross-platform framework, platform specific features (such as these) tend to be, well, not included. I was having problems with the Apple menu - it would create my items, but then it would also create this extra item (titled “a”). Not good. So had to spend some time tracking that down (finally got it working this morning). Did I mention that I had to write my own code to find and keep track of the Apple menu, before I even got to the whole extra-item-appended tracking.

The Font menu was a different story. Since it’s populated entirely by the OS, I have to preempt the normal event handling and send events for the Font menu down a totally different path. As complicated as this sounds, it was actually fairly straightforward, and I did it with (I thought) surprisingly little code.

Also did some testing with our new networking component. That took very little time, since we knew exactly what we were testing for (and it worked the first time).

The rest of this afternoon (and Saturday) will be spent importing the latest code from the HEAD of the wxWindows’ CVS repository and putting it into our repository. We have made a fair number of changes to the code, so it’s just easier to keep our own copy than to fight getting essential (to us) patches accepted into the wxWindows project as a whole. At some time we may offer our patches back to the community, but then it won’t be a make-or-break-our-efforts situation. If some of them get accepted, great, and if not, well, no big deal.

The menu reimplementation project is fairly close to being done. I believe I have the following things to do

  1. Submenus
  2. The Color Menu
  3. Moving items around so they are OS X position compliant

Then I should be done and free to do other tasks for VonTrapp.