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Time With Xcode

November 11, 2003

I spent an afternoon with Xcode today. For most of the afternoon I didn’t like it at all, but then I discovered a trick or two to make it work like Apple’s old development enviroment, Project Builder (or, for that matter, CodeWarrior) ProjectBuilder used to have a preference item that controlled how you worked with windows in XCode. You could use a style very similar to Visual C (and most MS Windows applications, for that matter), where everything happens in one window. There were other window styles as well.

I preferred the total opposite of that approach - I wanted everything to have a separate window, where that window opened when I double-clicked a file.

Given this work style, I was very very dismayed when I fired up Xcode and got the window pictured below.

Xcode All In One

That is sooo not how I want to work. However, the preference settings that allowed you to change how Xcode dealt with windows are gone - totally removed from the preference dialog. I was preparing for major frustration and lack of productivity getting used to this.

Quite by accident, I found the “Hide Editor” button:

Xcode toolbar with Hide Editor button selected

With the editor hidden, I get the view shown below:

Xcode after you hit the Hide Editor button

I couldn’t figure out why you would want this view, so I ignored it. That is, until I saw the little resize widget on the side of the window

Resize Widget On Side of Xcode window

Using this widget, and the Mac OS grow “button” underneath the scroll bars, I was able to make my Xcode window look almost exactly like it looked under ProjectBuilder.

Finally - Only the files are showing!

Having discovered this, I can work happily - and probably with a little bit more freedom then ProjectBuilder (with its Specify-How-You-Want-To-Work-In-The-Preferences-And-Fiddle-In-There-When-You-Want-To-Change-It approach to it all).

PS: I was very happy how easy MovableType makes uploading images. It’s not as easy as Radio makes it, but that’s the difference between a server-side and a client-side app, I guess.

PS 2: With Radio you put them images you want to upload into a (specific, but user defined) folder on your hard drive, and they get uploaded. With MovableType you use a web upload form to get your files up to the server.