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Book Recommendations: Python

July 22, 2008

I’m starting something new on this blog - along with my normal content, I’ll give out book recommendations on topics or languages. I’ve got a pretty big bookshelf, and i pick the best of the best and list them here.

So, now on with my first topic: Python!

  • Python In A NutshellA BIG nutshell, a great reference book. The sections on performance profiling and testing are particularly excellent. When one of my alumni went to Hong Kong to do Python work, I gave him my first edition copy of this book.
  • Dive Into PythonThis is online for free at Dive Into Python.org. The book is meant to help experienced programmers ramp up into Python by taking examples and ripping them apart to see how they work
  • Python Cookbook15 minutes after cracking this book open I learned so much about what Python can do, Python idioms, etc. Excellent if you’re coming from another language too and just need to learn the lay of the land

Hope this helps speed people on their Python adventures!