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Book Recommendations: Geek Leisure

July 28, 2008

The release of a new book from one of my favorite authors gave me incentive to write this list.

Techno-geekery Fiction

Because I read so quickly, for me to spend any length of time with a book requires the book to be pretty massive… as in around a thousand pages. These books fit that bill, in a very technological setting (or diving into very technical topics)

Geek “History”

  • The Cuckoo’s Egg: A hippy-ish astronomer turned sys admin/hacker tracks hackers through all kinds of early 1990s systems to… you guessed it… East Germany. All real.
  • Microserfs: Were you paying attention to the programming technologies coming out of Apple and Microsoft in say 1992-1993? (Ie: Do you remember yack about Pink or OpenDoc?) If so this book will bring back a lot of memories… and is just a good story about work, family, and companionship.

Geek Philosophy

  • Things A Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About: A lecture and question and answer format where one of computer science’s great writers talks about his Christianity, his experiences writing a book where he analyzes verse 3:16 of every book in the Bible, etc. Fascinating.