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Technical Earned Interest

Jan 21, 2021

Introduction We’re all familiar with the idea of technical debt in software, where the velocity of development is hampered by code not being…

Software projects and planes of growth

Nov 14, 2020

Introduction In my previous blog article I said: This is the topic of a future blog post: roads and feature capacity of microservice herds…

Emacs as a supplemental editor

Jul 06, 2020

The Problem In 2020 I realized I had a problem. I was in four different OSes: Windows, Linux, iOS and some Mac OS X. This wasn’t so much a…

Moving the blog to Gatsby

Jul 03, 2020

I finally did it: I moved this blog to Gatsby This blog has made its second transition: first, from MovableType to Wordpress, then from…

Sending Heroku logs to CloudWatch Logs

Feb 19, 2018

For early stage experiments I like deploying to Heroku. Heroku’s free model will spin down servers that haven’t gotten traffic in a while…

Bitbucket Pipelines, Heroku and Rails

May 14, 2017

This weekend I took the time to play with Bitbucket Pipelines, a new feature from Bitbucket. Often, my goal with my setup is “get something…

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